Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I'm a lead singer for a rock band, but I've never had any kind of singing lessons. Jennifer has been doing an awesome job working with me to improve my sound. Even though I am already a singer, I'm still basically a beginner and she's helping me shed some bad habits and tendencies and trying to get me to use specific techniques. Who knew I needed to learn how to breathe? Things as simple as learning the basics, are already helping my sound. And as we continue to dive deeper into these lessons, I can't wait to hear how it's all going to make a difference for my band!

-Michael W.

My experience is less important than researching what a specific teacher has to offer. Jennifer's background in Jazz is a pretty transparent reason for why I would choose her. I hope you find the right teacher: she is very warm and the atmosphere is relaxed. It's a student's delight.

-Perry D.

Jennifer Vogel has been nothing short of a miracle for me. When I began voice lessons with Jennifer I felt that I had such little control over my singing voice that I would not sing in front of anyone. However, I had a dream of singing alone with my husband, who is an accomplished guitar player and vocalist. With Jennifer's help I found myself singing at gigs with my husband within seven months. Jennifer is a very talented instructor. She knows exactly what you need to progress vocally and she meets you at that need. She has an infectious passion for music and she is a delight to work with. If you are looking to improve your singing voice at any level, I could not give a higher recommendation than Jennifer.

-Alona W.

Jennifer is great! Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but she's also a very kind person. It's obvious that she cares very deeply for all her students. She also makes learning really fun; I always look forward to our lessons and they go by so quickly. Over the months that I've been taking lessons with her, I've definitely noticed an improvement in my voice. She's positive and encouraging and is very knowledgeable in her craft. I know with Jennifer's help I'll be able to fulfill my dream of singing in an opera production.

-Cassandra S.

Felt in good hands from the start--Jenn’s first assessment.  Our Skype sessions & Paypal saves me time/gas so all focus is on the music. Yes she’s skilled, kind, & knows classical, jazz, blues, etc., & is open to any language.  What I love most is that she’s efficient with me—almost like an athletic coach.  She gets right to the point--tweaking what’s needed at the right time, yet, doesn’t rush.  A wealth of knowledge; understands mind/body issues, tricks & controls.  Showed me, early on, how to move through what had been a persistent vocal struggle for me.  I like that there’re optional peer group master classes too!  Big brain, big heart, early results (esp. if you do your homework)—Thanks Jenn!  

Daisy B.