Studio Policy

Music Lessons

  • 30 minutes $40
  • 45 minutes $50
  • 60 minutes $65

Payment and Billing

  • Unscheduled, non-invoiced lessons are charged an additional $10.
  • Instructor reserves the right to increase tuition rates on an as needed basis.  Any changes to these rates will be communicated to students one month in advance of the change.
  • Payment for the current month is due by the 1st lesson of that month or the 7th (whichever is first).
  • If payment has not been received by the 7th, a $35 late fee will be added to your next bill.  The student will also not be able to participate in the lessons until payment is received.
  • Must be paid monthly for regularly scheduled lessons.
  • Is non refundable
  • Two (2) week written notice is required for all discontinuing students.
  • Students discontinuing for the summer months are NOT guaranteed their preferred time slot upon their return.

Cancellations and Make-Up Lessons

  • Every student is given a schedule.  If the student knows of a cancellation ahead of time, please contact the instructor to confirm your makeup lesson.
  • 24–Hour notice minimum is required for cancellations.
  • If proper notice is given, the student is entitled to a make-up lesson within 2 months of the cancellation IF a time is available.
  • Short notice cancellations (less than 24 hours) will not be allowed unless authorized by the instructor and a make-up lesson will be given.
  • If you do not come or call for your lesson, you are responsible for payment of the lesson and will not be guaranteed a make-up lesson.
  • Any cancellation by the instructor will count as a make-up.
  • Any make-ups must be done before any discontinuation.  If there are any make-ups left and the student discontinues, he/she forfeits those lessons.