"I want to study to be in an opera."

 "I want to be on Broadway."

              "I want to be able to sing karaoke with my friends."

"I am retired and looking for something I have never done before."

             "I love to sing, I just want to learn to sing better."

 "I am in a band, performing but I want to be better at my craft."


Lessons are designed around your needs as a student. The first lesson is always spent testing range, knowledge, and abilities already known by the student. Then, you weigh in on what kind of music you would like to learn, and what you hope to gain from the lessons. Theory and ear training are incorporated into the lessons. We work on breathing, technique, and style. Generally, we start with English or Italian. Next, we work on vocal performance from a classical standpoint but, Jazz and Broadway can also be taught if you desire. Scales and exercises are given each week to be worked on until the next lesson. A recording device is encouraged if you do not play the piano. Also, a voice note book to take notes during your lesson should be used for practice throughout the week. Private lessons for beginning and intermediate piano are also available.

Lessons are now available via Skype! Save time with travel and learn from the comfort of your own home!